Have you ever wondered why some people
choose a pack of already-cut carrot over fresh carrot ?

Supermarket provides the shortcut of carrot cutting process for its customer’s more convenient lifestyle as well as ready meals and instant foods. Machine-made products are produced quicker and easier nowadays as the result of the industrializations. People become less aware of their connections to food they eat, less consideration of what and how the food made of and where the food from and refuses to invest time to appreciate cooking process as the shortcut is available in every local supermarket.

Ice cream Concept Parlour is designed to explore and investigate the process of making ready-to-eat food, ice cream. The bridge between food, product and experience design are the most concerned area of the project. The research aims to create a model strategy of introducing the new experience of eating as well as finding the narrative to educate people through their food experience and encouraging them to appreciate the process of making. The ice cream making kit contains pre-freeze marble plate and specific ritual tools.

Ice Cream Concept Parlour 2012 from ploenpit on Vimeo.