Have you ever wondered why some people
choose a pack of already-cut carrot over fresh carrot ?

Supermarket provides the shortcut of carrot cutting process for its customer’s more convenient lifestyle as well as ready meals and instant foods. Machine-made products are produced quicker and easier nowadays as the result of the industrializations. People become less aware of their connections to food they eat, less consideration of what and how the food made of and where the food from and refuses to invest time to appreciate cooking process as the shortcut is available in every local supermarket.

Ice cream Concept Parlour is designed to explore and investigate the process of making ready-to-eat food, ice cream. The bridge between food, product and experience design are the most concerned area of the project. The research aims to create a model strategy of introducing the new experience of eating as well as finding the narrative to educate people through their food experience and encouraging them to appreciate the process of making. The ice cream making kit contains pre-freeze marble plate and specific ritual tools.

Ice Cream Concept Parlour 2012 from ploenpit on Vimeo.

Christian Dior x Pierre Hermes
Miss Dior Cherrie Rose Macaron Package
Flower Bloomer Packaging Design

The brief ‘The way you make me feel – design for empathy’ required MAID student designers to identify conflicts between users and then to use empathic methods, design tools and dramatic techniques pioneered by Augusto Boal (1979) in his ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ to understand the experiences of each user within the conflict scenario, before trying to design ‘devices’ (objects, environments, systems or services) that would enable the conflicted actors to gain insight into each others perspectives. Students were not required to solve the conflicts through design, rather to communicate oppositional perspectives so as to generate empathy between conflicted actors.

‘Polly say the magic word’

‘Polly say the magic word’ is a toy for people that moan a lot that aims to help them empathise with a partner who is required to listen to their complaints. ‘Polly’ is a toy parrot that can be worn by the complainant or located on a perch in shared space within the home. ‘Polly’ is able to detect negative words and phrases and record them. On repetition of these phrases ‘Polly’ replays them in random order enabling the complainant to experience what it is like to have someone close to them complaining all the time.

In this project we undertook many interviews, presenting the future scenario of having more time and asking how people consider their master plan in the present and if it would be different if they know that they might have more time than they expect.

What is craft?

“Contemporary craft is about making things. It is an intellectual and physical activity where the maker explore the infinite possibilities of materials and processes to produce unique objects. To see craft is to enter a world of wonderful things which can be challenging, beautiful, sometimes useful, tactile, extraordinary, and to understand and enjoy the energy and care which has gone into their making”

Rosy Greenlees - Director, Crafts Council

Craft vs TECH

A DIY hands free kit, the idea of new and innovative materials, conductive yarns, is the core value of this product. The smart fabric cord enhances the user to create and customize their gadget using crochet technique. The uniqueness and the value of creation is the main purpose of this project.

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A hairpiece hand free set, is the outcome of observing pedestrians on London’s busy Oxford Street. From men in business suits or window shoppers, to groups of students and other people bustling along the street; people holding internet phones with earphones plugged are a very common sight. Clearly, people take this hi-tech gadget to be a part of their everyday life and body, an extra organ which is not entirely essential but that they can not live without.

The hand free set is made of fake hair customised to individual hair colours, and connects via Bluetooth with a built-in amplifier and microphone to smooth your everyday communication needs.

Eventually everything connects.

- people, ideas, objects.

" The quality idea of connections is the key to quality "

Charles Eames

The project about thinking, making and team-building.

Inspired by the film Der Lauf der Dinge ( The way things go ) 1987
by Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Keep it Simple

test it, test it, test it

Planting seeds with the Let’s Plant kit allows kids to play, learn observe and imagine in a new way. Let’s Plant is designed to allow kids to understand the process of planting through the use of animal characters, an instruction manual, and a notebook to log the progress

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